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Journeyman Chimney Services – Chimney & flue CCTV chimney surveys, flue mapping, safety inspections & reports.

Are you worried about the condition of your chimney or flue liner?

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Call Journeyman Chimney Services and ask about our chimney and flue CCTV camera surveys, flue mapping, safety inspections and reports service. Journeyman can quickly CCTV every lined flue after sweeping & testing, allowing you to see the condition of your stoves flue-way from appliance to pot. Not only does this allow us to check the visual condition, integrity and installation of the liner, we can also check if the flue has a significant build up of corrosive and highly flammable creosote and tar. Service, safety and peace of mind from the qualified chimney sweeping specialists.

It is vital that a complex flue is CCTV inspected after the sweeping and removal of Birds Nests to ensure the flue way is clear of any potential future fire and Carbon Monoxide poisoning risk. We will always conduct this survey and inspection before a NACS certificate of sweeping is issued.

Non-destructive, CCTV camera, chimney and flue surveys.

Journeyman Chimney Services use specially designed and recordable full colour chimney and flue cameras by Amac and Wohler. The camera heads are highly manouverable and incorporate 360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel with 30 metres of cable allowing us to internally inspect the flues of the tallest chimneys. Our professional equipment allows us to survey from the pot down or appliance up. All survey results can be seen live on screen or supplied on SD Card or on-line in conjunction with a written report if required.

Journeyman Chimney Services have been asked to conduct CCTV camera surveys & flue mapping for many reasons over the years, but a few are:

  • The inspection of blockages, restrictive bends, structural cracks and collapsed mid feathers within flue-ways, otherwise only visible by breaking into the flue-way.
  • The inspection and appraisal of damage caused after a chimney and flue fire.
  • To provide recordable evidence for insurance and negligence claims.
  • To survey the condition of a flue way prior to relining without resorting to destructive methods within the home.

Tar & Creosote in a flue.

  • Establish the cause of smoke leakage from one flue-way to another or smoke leakage into or out of the property when used in conjunction with a full type 1 smoke test.
  • Party wall / chimney and flue disputes between adjoining properties…
  • Pre and post house purchase chimney and flue surveys.
  • To establish the presence of hidden asbestos flues without disturbance.

Flue Route Mapping…the non-destructive way to locate blockages & collapses.

Using electronic location devices combined with our specialist chimney and flue CCTV camera equipment we are able to survey and map the route of the flues within a property. Using this technique allows us to locate the position of blockages, restrictions and collapses within flues and pinpoint the exact location within your home to open the flue up and conduct any remedial works required.

Journeyman Chimney Services are qualified and approved by NACS to undertake CCTV surveys and have been commissioned to conduct CCTV camera surveys, inspections and flue mapping by homeowners, architects, surveyors, The National Trust, HETAS and NACE engineers, building contractors and insurance companies.

Journeyman Chimney Services – Chimney Sweeps work in Minehead, West Somerset, Exmoor the Coast & Quantock Hills.

Our service area covers and includes Minehead plus the villages of Porlock, Dunster, Watchet & Williton plus Wheddon Cross, Exford, Dulverton, and Simonsbath and all surounding hamlets.

We do travel further afield for specialist chimney camera work, so if you are unsure, please give us a call on 01643 707463