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Chimney Cowls, Bird Guards and Flue Terminals.

Journeyman Chimney Services have been professionally diagnosing chimney & flue problems and fitting the correct chimney cowl, bird guard or flue terminal to solve & cure common issues successfully and, we are very pleased to say, for large numbers of very satisfied customers.

It’s an often over looked fact that fitting the wrong flue terminal or cowl can ultimately be potentially dangerous (CO poisoning) and of course it will not solve the original problem. Journeyman are able to offer practical and safe solutions, based upon our professional experience as chimney sweeps, of the most common and some not so common chimney & flue problems.

Dangerous Cowls and Flue Terminations…Chimney cowl inserts

Sometimes cowls and terminals for disused flues only like these on the right  are mistakenly fitted to live flues serving open fires and stoves. This is potentially hazardous and will affect the flue’s performance. If you think you have one of these or are unsure what terminal you require please contact us for advice.

Fitting the correct Cowl, Bird Guard or Flue Terminal…

There is a comprehensive range of chimney pots, cowls and bird guards available to help solve the myriad of problems encountered including down draught, poor up draught or draw*, rain entry and birds nesting in the flue. * Air supply and ventilation for the appliance or open fire and the chimney and flue system as a whole will be inspected as a matter of course.

Fluecube, the clever chimney cowl

“The Fluecube”


Journeyman Chimney Services supply and fit a wide range of Chimney Pots, Cowls, Bird Guards, Fluecubes, Rotorvents and chimney and flue terminals suitable for solid fuel, gas and oil flues.

We only use quality, British Standard products that are proven to work and are from manufacturers we trust. We carry our own ladders, roof access equipment and chimney access ridge stands and we are fully insured to undertake such works.

Do you have a disused chimney or flue?

The chimney balloon

Journeyman Chimney Services can supply and fit Breather Caps for chimney pots and chimney balloons for disused fireplaces and flues, allowing the flue to remain bird free, dry and to breathe. This will all help reduce heat loss from draughts within the home. Protecting your property and cutting your fuel bills.

Or are you opening up an old fireplace, chimney or flue?

At Journeyman we will not only sweep your chimney. We will advise you about the structural safety of the chimney, the condition of the flue and any remedial work that needs to be carried out as well as check that you have the correct pot or cowl for the type of appliance and fuel you’re burning. Sensible, safe and practical advice.

Due to the nature of diagnosing and understanding chimney and flue problems experienced by our customers over the years, Journeyman Chimney Services offer a complementary on site survey and estimate.

Journeyman Chimney Services work all over West Somerset and Exmoor National Park.