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Air Supply / Ventilation

Air supply and ventilation for stoves and open fires burning solid fuel.

Journeyman Chimney Services are experienced at calculating correctly the air requirements for your stove or open fire and then supplying, correctly positioning and fitting modern through-wall ventilators that comply with both HETAS and building regulation, Doc J requirements.

Air supply and ventilation for your open fire or stove is very important…

Air supply is often over looked when a new stove is installed or a chimney relined, but air starvation will cause poor combustion and create problems similar to down draught that results in the spillage of smoke and fumes back into the room. This can be unpleasant as well as harmful.

Stoves and open fires use air from within the room for combustion, therefore all stoves and appliances require an uninterrupted and continuous supply of fresh air. This supply will ensure that complete combustion of the fuel occurs and that the chimney and flue system functions correctly.

Warning…Never block air vents !

Check that all air vents are open and clear both inside and outside of the room.

An insufficient supply of fresh air to your stove can have very serious consequences…

Smoke spillage will occur and increased levels of carbon monoxide will be produced because the stove and flue system are not functioning properly; this in some instances has sadly proved to be fatal.

The air supply and ventilation solution for solid fuel…

We commonly use the “black hole” ventilator by Stadium products because it has been tried, tested and proven.

  • Firstly, it helps reduce draughts passing into the room from outside – draughts around your feet.
  • Secondly, it helps prevent light shining out or into the room, hence “black hole”.
  • Thirdly, it can reduce and absorb the transfer of outside noise such as traffic effectively.
  • Fourthly, it keeps rain, insects and other vermin from entering the house.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the ‘Black Hole’ Ventilator allows only the right amount of air to be pulled through by the appliance when it is operating.

For listed buildings and conservation projects, Journeyman can supply and fit UK designed, forged and finished cast iron air bricks suitable for internal and external listed building use.

We can fit core vents and air bricks into the majority of buildings, whatever their construction, that are found in North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor using a diamond tipped core drill and masonry arbor, whatever the width of the wall.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors could save your life…

It’s a fact that blocked chimneys, restricted flue-ways and choked stove throat plates can all contribute towards a dangerous and potentially poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) build-up within your home. Tarry chimneys and blocked flues also pose a significant flue fire risk.

Journeyman Chimney Services can survey your property and then supply and fit sealed life battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms for your safety and peace of mind.


Journeyman Chimney Services work all over West Somerset and Exmoor National Park.